Welcome to CBK's Home Page

My name is Carsten B. Knudsen and this is my homepage at cyberspace.org. Currently, this is my only publicly accessible home page - partly because I'm lazy, and partly because the idea of banning graphics and other content-distracting stuff seemed appealing.

So, here's a couple of pointers to more info about me and my whereabouts (for whomever might care to look :-)

More irrelevant content to go here

You may send mail to me addressed to cbk@cyberspace.org.

I will try to maintain this page on a somewhat regular basis / change this page without prior notice, but I will not introduce any graphic, audio, or CGI files on Grex, in compliance with the Grex policy (although I may at some point in time include references to such material located on other sites).

Thanx to Morten (aka. Mojo - <mojodk@cyberspace.org>) for leading my attention to the existence of Grex.

* This page was created using the vi toolkit.
** This page is 100% Lynx and w3m compliant.

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